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Philippe Dionne

Philippe Dionne is a denturist at Hawkesbury Dental Centre. He creates and places dentures, makes adjustments and repairs if required.

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Dr. Philippe Dionne, Hawkesbury Dentist

Philippe Dionne, D.D., Denturist in Hawkesbury

If you're in need of dentures and seeking a denturist in Hawkesbury, we invite you to explore the services offered at Hawkesbury Dental Centre. Join us for a consultation in our welcoming environment.

Meet our dedicated denturist, Philippe Dionne. Philippe is committed to providing you with a warm welcome, understanding your needs, and crafting dentures to help restore your smile. Additionally, Philippe offers adjustment and repair services for dentures.

Experience a personalized and attentive approach aimed at meeting your needs. At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we prioritize treating each patient with care and attention.

Why consult a denturist at the Hawkesbury Dental Centre?

Considering a denturist at Hawkesbury Dental Centre? Discover the convenience of consulting both your dentist and denturist at one location. At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we aim to enhance your dental care experience by offering a comprehensive range of services in a comfortable environment. Philippe Dionne, D.D., stays abreast of the latest innovations through ongoing education.

Philippe Dionne and our team prioritize your comfort, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere throughout your treatment. We're here for you, even offering the option to book emergency appointments if needed.

Experience the convenience at Hawkesbury Dental Centre. Starting today.

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The Denturist's Role

At our practice, the entire process of creating and placing dentures is managed by our denturist. Striving for a personalized fit, a comprehensive consultation is the first step where measurements are taken to determine the dimensions for your custom-made dentures.

We carefully capture impressions of your teeth, gums, and jaws. Then, we proceed to create and place the dentures, making any necessary adjustments for your comfort. Additionally, our denturist is equipped to handle denture repairs, providing comprehensive care for all your denture needs..

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