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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may be necessary to treat dental disease or repair injuries or defects of the teeth, mouth, or jaws. Our dentists in Hawkesbury offer a variety of oral surgery procedures. 

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Explore More About Dental Aesthetic Intervention and How a Surgeon Can Address and Treat Oral or Dental Anomalies

At the Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we aim to meet your dental needs by offering various types of dental surgeries: corrective, cosmetic, or curative.

Our goal is to assist you in regaining your smile and working towards achieving a fully functional mouth.

Oral Surgery, Hawkesbury Dentists

Why choose Hawkesbury Dental Centre for dental surgery?

The Hawkesbury Dental Centre collaborates with a team of dental professionals. Our dentists have experience in performing various types of surgical interventions with precision and efficiency.

They strive to warmly welcome you while attentively addressing your dental surgery needs.

At the Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we take pride in offering personalized treatments as we strive to align with your expectations. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing a positive experience, whether it be for booking an appointment, a consultation, a treatment, or a follow-up.

For instance, we can accommodate emergency appointments should the need arise. We also offer you the convenience of receiving all your treatments in one location.

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Support for Anxious Patients: Sleep While We Treat

People may experience anxiety or worry before going to the dentist, which can keep them from receiving the necessary dental care. If this sounds like you, don't panic.

Dental sedation can be offered to those who feel a high level of anxiety during dental appointments. At our practice, we offer IV sedation that allows you to be completely unconscious or semi-conscious according to your comfort level.

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Understanding Dental Surgery

At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we describe dental surgery as covering a range of oral interventions, including surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions. These interventions may be necessary when impacted teeth affect surrounding positions or in cases of infection or tooth decay.

Additionally, our dentists have performed dental implant placements, offering virtually identical replacements for missing teeth. We also perform gum grafts as needed, particularly in cases involving loose teeth.

The Dental Surgery Process

Choosing Hawkesbury Dental Centre for dental surgery means being in the care of dental surgeons. The process begins with a comprehensive examination to identify anomalies in your dentition, face, jaw, or mouth. Our dentists then discuss the proposed dental surgeries with you.

For dental implants, the dentist takes impressions, places the implant, and, after a recovery period, attaches the created tooth. In the case of gum grafts, our dentist may use a graft from the palate or an artificial membrane. The graft is carefully placed at the root level, stitched, and allowed to engraft.

We also offer sedation services for those experiencing anxiety during dental interventions, ensuring a comfortable experience with our 'Sleep While We Treat' sedation service.

Consultation with the Dentist

Every dental surgery consultation commences with an extensive examination to locate infections or diseases and assess their severity. Our dentist then discusses suitable dental surgeries to address these issues.

Each operation is explained thoroughly, empowering you to make an informed choice and approach your intervention with serenity. Once you've made your decision, simply schedule your dental surgery for a date that suits you.

At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we prioritize your comfort, informed decision-making, and strive for positive outcomes in every dental surgery we undertake.

The information provided is general information that may not apply to each patient's unique case.

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