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Dental Technology

Using technology such as digital X-rays, intraoral scanners and more, your dentist at Hawkesbury Dental Centre can help you understand your oral health issue and help develop a plan to treat it. 

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Elevate Your Dental Experience: Exploring Advanced Technologies at Hawkesbury Dental Centre

At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, our commitment is to provide exceptional dental care through the integration of cutting-edge technology.

Our clinic boasts advanced diagnostic technologies, including intraoral cameras, next-generation microscopes, and extremely low radiation radiography, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient well-being.

In addition, we harness the power of high-performance software solutions like Simplant, offering 3D imaging for implantology purposes.

Digital Radiography, Hawkesbury Dentists

Low-Radiation Digital Radiography 

In our dental office, we've embraced the latest digital sensors, bidding farewell to traditional films for X-rays. This shift not only eliminates the need for chemical products in the development process but also aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation.

The advantages of digital radiography are evident in its superior image quality delivered at a faster pace. These digital sensors empower us to reduce radiation exposure by up to 80% compared to traditional films. The thoughtful design with rounded corners eliminates cutting edges that could pose any risk to your mouth.

Moreover, this technology facilitates easy image sharing without the need for extra film, promoting efficiency and reducing waste. The result is a faster, more comfortable process that minimizes our environmental impact while ensuring excellent image quality. At our dental practice, we are dedicated to providing an experience that prioritizes both your well-being and environmental responsibility.

Intraoral Camera/Scanner

Our intraoral cameras are handy tools that allow our team to capture digital images from inside your mouth. These images offer a glimpse into aspects of your oral health. It's like sharing a visual story about your dental well-being!

Taking these pictures helps us stay informed about your oral health journey, and together, we can discuss what's happening and the steps to maintain a healthy smile.

Because, really, a picture can be a helpful part of the conversation when it comes to your oral health!

Intraoral Camera, Hawkesbury Dentists
CEREC, Hawkesbury Dentists


CEREC introduces a computer-assisted process for comprehensive restorations, including inlays, crowns, and facets—all efficiently completed in a single appointment! The dentist initiates the process by preparing the tooth, followed by capturing a 3D digitalized CEREC picture with a camera.

This digital data is then transferred to the computer, facilitating the design and mechanical crafting of an inlay or crown from a ceramic block, courtesy of a robotized milling unit.

With CEREC, there's a reduction in traditional steps like impression-taking, temporary inlays or crowns, and the need for additional appointments.

Patients can often benefit from a durable solution that harmonizes with the natural color of their teeth—an aesthetic restoration achieved in one convenient appointment. The efficiency and potential for same-day results make CEREC a notable advancement in dental care.

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening Device

With the VELscope system, we enhance our ability to conduct a comprehensive examination of the oral mucosa, aiming to identify any potential tissue anomalies.

This thorough assessment may contribute to the recognition of pre-cancerous lesions associated with oral cancer or other diseases. Recognizing potential issues early is widely acknowledged to be beneficial for effective treatment, potentially improved survival rates, and the potential for maintaining a better quality of life.

Our commitment to utilizing advanced screening technologies is rooted in our dedication to providing thorough and proactive care for our patients. Regular screenings, such as those facilitated by the VELscope system, are part of our commitment to your overall well-being.

VELscope, Hawkesbury Dentists
Diagnodent, Hawkesbury

Diagnodent: Early Detection of Tooth Decay with Laser Technology

To enhance the early detection of tooth decay, our dentists may incorporate the KaVo Diagnodent tool into their diagnostic process. This innovative tool utilizes special laser technology to carefully examine your teeth.

Through this technology, we can identify variations in fluorescence between healthy and compromised dental substances. The laser beam gently penetrates the tooth without causing any harm and induces fluorescence in the dental substance.

By capitalizing on the disparities in fluorescence, our approach enables the detection of even the minutest lesions in a completely painless and dependable manner.

Surgical Microscope

Discover a new level of precision in our examinations and treatments, thanks to the advanced technology of our Zeiss Microscope. This remarkable tool empowers us to delve into the minutest details and intricate structures, providing invaluable insights that enhance the quality of our services.

Whether it's restorative dentistry, root canal treatments, implantology, or gum treatments, our microscope stands as a steadfast ally for the most challenging applications. Its capabilities enable us to carefully focus on specific areas with exceptional clarity, contributing to a thorough and thoughtful approach in caring for our valued patients. Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology as we strive to provide you with unparalleled dental services. 

Surgical Microscope, Hawkesbury Dentists
Simplant, Hawkesbury Dentists

Co DiagnostiX: 3D Imaging Software for Implantology

Co DiagnostiX dental planning software offers clinicians accurate and predictable surgery options. It facilitates the assessment of the patient’s anatomy, illustrating how it aligns with the proposed restoration. The treatment plan can be easily shared with colleagues, the dental lab, and the patient, ensuring transparency about the details of the proposed plan.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): Commonly known as a CT scan, is an advanced technology that enables dentists to visualize in-depth and in 3D, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and providing a comprehensive evaluation. This technology facilitates the option to offer fully planned and guided dental surgeries, aiming for optimal outcomes in various cases.

CBTC, Hawkesbury Dentists

3 Shape Trios

3 Shape Trios

Trios is a 3D video camera that offers efficiency and precision in dental impressions. With this advanced technology, we no longer need to resort to traditional dental impressions, emphasizing comfort and accuracy. This technology, known for its comfortable design, presents various advantages, with immediate results being one of them

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