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Our dentists at Hawkesbury Dental Centre can apply porcelain or composite veneers to the front of a chipped, cracked, discoloured or damaged tooth to change its appearance.

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What are dental veneers and what can they help with?

Some individuals may have concerns about the appearance of their teeth but are not sure about which approach to consider.

At Hawkesbury Dental Centre, we offer dental veneers as a service. These veneers aim to enhance the aesthetics of your smile by addressing issues such as broken or less aesthetically pleasing teeth. They are applied to the front of the teeth, covering and potentially improving their contour, shade, and dimension.

Throughout the process of achieving the smile you desire with dental veneers, we closely listen to your needs.

Dental Veneers, Hawkesbury Dentists

Why choose the Hawkesbury Dental Centre for dental veneers?

When it comes to dental aesthetics, Hawkesbury Dental Centre is committed to meeting your specific needs. We strive to provide high-quality service by exploring the best solutions for you. Our receptionists are dedicated to promptly processing your requests and finding a suitable timetable for your intervention.

If you experience anxiety about your dental treatment, consider exploring our dental sedation services. This dental sedation service can be available for those who feel uneasy during dental interventions. Established in our centre, this practice allows patients to be completely or semi-conscious based on their comfort level. Patients may find their treatment in more comfortable conditions. Our goal is to create a positive experience, and we hope each patient leaves our clinic with a smile.

Veneers, Hawkesbury Dentists

Learn More About Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a small shell molded to resemble a tooth. It is applied in front of a tooth to enhance its contour and dimensions or conceal its unaesthetic color. Dental veneers can be crafted from composite materials, requiring only one visit for the patient. While available in various colors, composite veneers may exhibit reduced resistance over time and may not fully meet the specific requirements of a tooth.

Alternatively, porcelain dental veneers offer increased durability and a longer lifespan. The process for porcelain veneers typically involves two visits to the dentist. Another option is creating dental veneers using CEREC technology, utilizing porcelain material. Although this technique allows for more precision in creation, it also provides the possibility to minimize the number of required visits to just one.

Curious about dental veneer placement? Explore the three-step process!

1. Consultation: A consultation is initiated by the dentist to evaluate the overall condition of the patient's dentition. The patient is then provided with information about different options such as dental veneers, dentures, or dental implants based on their unique situation. If the patient opts for dental veneers, impressions of the teeth are taken to craft custom-made veneers. The placement of the veneers follows this process.

2. Placing the Veneer: Subsequently, the dentist proceeds with the placement of the dental veneer.

3. Meeting with the Dentist: During your appointment, the dentist will discuss various solutions to address your dental aesthetics. Choices include dental implants, dentures, or dental veneers. The dentist is there to guide and consult with you on every decision, recognizing that it revolves around enhancing your smile.

The information provided is general information that may not apply to each patient's unique case.

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