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Gum Grafting

The team at Hawkesbury Dental Centre can treat issues with gum health and appearance by performing a gum graft procedure.

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Repairing Gum Health & Appearance

Gums can start to draw back over time, leaving the roots exposed to the open air. Consequently, the recession of the gum can increase the risk of tooth decay and dental hypersensitivity. The deterioration of the gum can also alter the dental aesthetics of the smile

No matter the reason for your concern, if you're worried about your gum health, where your gum line is in relation to your teeth or how much tooth area your gums are covering, your dentist may assess your specific condition and recommend a gum graft procedure.

To perform a gum graft procedure, your dentist will surgically transplant a very thin piece of tissue from another part of your body, usually the roof of the mouth, to cover tooth roots left exposed by gum recession.

Depending on your needs and whether you've experienced dental anxiety in the past, we can recommend sedation options to keep you calm and relaxed during a gum graft or other dental procedures. 

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The Gum Grafting Procedure

If your dentist has recommended a gum graft to correct gum recession or address cosmetic issues, here's what you can expect from the procedure.

Gum Grafting FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about gum grafting at Hawkesbury Dental Centre

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